Naropa University Commencement Speech                                               by Lillian Myers

"The ceremony had a lively atmosphere from the moment the Naropa class of 2012 entered the room. The excitement was heightened further by an energetic and physically expressive speech by Lillian Myers, who earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in performance this spring. She lead the crowd in a partial rendition of the classic Bill Withers song "Lean On Me."

"Be weird," Myers told her fellow graduates. "And go out and rock on with your basically-good selves."" 

-Boulder Daily Camera  (5-12-12)

The Lick Divine: A Hindu Rock Opera                            Written and Directed by Lillian Myers

The Lick Divine is full length theater drama with live Indian music featuring the epic battle between the Goddesses Kali, Saraswati and Durga and the Demon Ratkabija and his blood seeds. 

The Lick Divine blew away the crowd, as the audience cried, shrieked and laughed, walking away singing.

Naropa University's BFA in Performance Promo Video                         Directed by Lillian Myers

Example of Myers' professional work creating marketing videos for institutions. 

Shoot, Cry and Forget About It: A Military Clown Adventure       

Shoot, Cry, and Forget About It: A Military Clown Adventure. Directed by Racheli Mendelson. Lillian Myers stars as Chex Mex Sizzle Chest the Clown. 

"MacBeth"  Theatrical trailer                                                    Filmed & Edited by Lillian Myers

 Directed by Veronica Santoya in Colorado. Example of Myers's professional work filming and edited trailers for theater productions.