“I have been part of the Elder's Tea since 15 years, and this was the best year yet. Bringing Walking Elephant theater into the program changed everything. I am quite impressed how real life stories can be brought to life. Even students who don't have as much info from their Elders were able to put themselves into the shoes of how it might have felt to someone much older than them. They were able to relate and will always remember the 'stories'. The kids were eager at the end of the day to take the Act Signs home which shows me how much it meant to them. I also feel that our classes are more connected and care more about each other since this experience. Not only was it a tremendous growing opportunity for our students, it also truly connected us with our audience at the tea today! Many Elders came to me and complemented the kids and the show! Lilly, you are amazing. They respected and loved you in such a short time! As a student by accident yelled out this afternoon when you were getting ready to leave: Love you! It was super sweet!” 

  • Annette Dobler- 6th Grade Teacher - Willowside Middle School, CA

“It was so cool to be a part of this and the process the kids did to get to this point. Both the process and the product were really special and something they will always remember. I know it took so much work to pull this off . It is greatly appreciated ! Thank you for everything, I will treasure this day as a special memory.”

  • Kristy Boblitt, parent & activist

“Lillian creates a box outside of the box. When I come into the theatre rehearsal room I feel safe with her as a leader. When I feel I don’t have anything to give, she just lights up the room and gives me more ideas. Her energy is rejuvenating and makes anything seem possible.”

  • Maureen O’Neill, actress & theater educator